Update: Free guest posts are currently not being taken on.

Fancy writing for MoneyFile.net? We can make it happen.

In fact, we’d love it to happen because our readers like nothing more than informative and interesting articles with actionable tips and advice. They positively eat that stuff up so we’re always happy to help writers get their new pieces of work in front of a willing audience.

What we’re looking for…

It’s all about high quality information here at MoneyFile.net and our requirements are simple, your piece needs to:

– Be original and not used elsewhere

– Offer actionable information or tips

– Have a title that will entice readers in

– Be about any area of personal finance, including but not exclusive to:

+ Money Saving Tips
+ Frugal Living
+ Credit
+ Getting out of debt
+ Investments
+ Pensions

– Contain no self promotion (use the bio for plugging!)

– Include no affiliate links or links back to spam sites

– Flow well and contain perfect English (it’s OK though, we know mistakes happen)

We’re looking for talented writers to provide content for our personal finance blog that will be relevant in five years, rather than commentary about today’s headlines. We  go nuts for a bit of humour as well, so don’t be afraid if your articles are a little ‘different’ – that’s all good.

The benefits of guest posting on MoneyFile.net:

– You will reach a new audience
– You get to promote your site
– You get to show case your writing and get your name out there
– You get to network with other bloggers
– You get links/traffic back to your site

Any content that we accept is always credited to the author- so you can build a following and a reputation.

Stuff you need to know:

– We don’t pay for articles. Instead you will receive a platform on which you can share your work with the world and get the true credit you deserve.

– We reserve full editorial and approval rights, including removing your link(s) and adding our own links to the article.

– By letting us publish your piece you agree to agree to not republish the post on any other site within 3 months of the published date.

– You’re free to republish your content after 3 months period.

– Posts should be a minimum of 400 words long.

Stuff you need to do:

– Please include a short bio at the end of the article.  This will be shown at the end of the article and can include 1-2 links back to your site.

– Please send as HTML text, as this speeds the publishing lead-time of your article.

– Feel free to send image recommendations with the article. Please only include images that allow for derivatives unless you own the image.

– That’s it!

How to send your article:

First of all send some article titles/ideas to us using the email below, if we are happy with any of them we’ll ask for the full piece. This just saves you writing a piece that we can’t use and gives your article more of a chance of being accepted.

Please send your article ideas to Ash at writersselect@yahoo.co.uk

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