5 Reasons A Dog Is The Answer To All Your Money Problems

With the financial crisis affecting so many people and with all the doom and gloom perpetuated by the media we decided to lighten the mood by letting all of you know how mans best friend could save you money.

Here are 5 fun ways owning a dog could actually save you money:

1. No need to join the Gym

With a dog  to keep you busy and exercised you have your own 4 legged personal trainer meaning there is no need to join a gym. Instead go for a run a hike or even a cycle with mans best friend, I gurantee you will tire before the dog! This will also save you money on medical bills as you will be more physically fit.

2. No need for anti- depressants

Dogs are great for stress relief, for alleviating lonliness and can help people suffering from depression. Think of them as your very own wet nosed anti depressant!

3. No need for an expensive alarm system

Dogs are much more of a deterant than an alarm system to thieves, oh and an alarm system won’t bite a thief on the tush!

4. No need for high heating bills

Siberian huskies would sleep with the children of the Inuit tribes that bred them in order to keep them warm. Instead of turning your heating up during winter cuddle up to your fury friend and use him as your own personal hot water bottle!

5. No need to have children

A dog will keep you company,  fulfill your need to care for someone and  won’t demand the newest Nike sneakers!




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