Following The Changing Course of Social Mobility

Class mobility is defined as the means in which people can change their social hierarchy. Societies with a degree of class mobility make it possible for their citizens to increase their incomes and improve their level of education.

I recently read a post that praised class mobility in the United States and most of Europe. Although class mobility has been a major benefit of most of the more developed countries in the western world, I have to digress from the points the author made. It seems that class mobility is no longer a guarantee in most countries.

Many people in the United States believe that access to a college degree gives them a greater chance at success than their parents had. However, the trend has clearly been destroyed in recent years. The frustration shown among members of the Occupy movement illustrate the devastation of class mobility and the pain that members of the lower class have had to undergo in recent years.

This begs the question: is social mobility dead in the western world? Although there are many people who would argue that it is, I personally disagree. But how do you continue to benefit from class mobility?

Class mobility during the economic collapse of the 1930s seemed to come to a halt. However, while many people were seen struggling, others rose to the top. The same trend is seen right now. More millionaires are being created in spite of one of the most discouraging economic fallouts the world has ever seen.

This illustrates that people with new ideas can still come out ahead. If you would like to enhance your wealth, it should be worth noting that more millionaires were created during the Great Depression than any other time in history. Recessions are actually one of the best times for many businesses to get their start.

Creating a new business is but one way that people can move freely through the social ranks. Many people are limited more by their drive and skill-sets than theibirth order. If you have the right skills, there are still ways to improve your chances of creating a powerful name for yourself.

As I pointed out earlier, the rules of engagement have changed in looking for a job. If you intend to get ahead, you are going to need to accept that you are going to need to take a more creative view on creating your future. There are still plenty of opportunities available, but you are going to need to be more proactive than those in previous generations.

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